We're a little biased, but we think your child will love it.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Trial

What should we wear/bring to class?
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Your child should wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing; something they can move easily in. Also, a water bottle is a great idea. Remember, we're going to be moving our bodies big time!

What is your class schedule?
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Times vary depending on age, skill level, etc. Give us a call so that we can find the best time for you.

If we like it, how does the signing up work?
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If your child enjoys the classes and you think they'll be beneficial, we will show you our different program options (there are multiple different scheduling options, payment options, and attendance options). We'll look together at what option works best, and get you enrolled.

My child isn't super athletic, is that ok?
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We understand how you feel, but we see kids everyday that REALLY struggle with connecting their minds to their bodies. Coordination is something we work on everyday. Your child doesn't need to be good to start, but they need to start to be good 😉